Build your children´s future
  • Personalized learning plan

    Together, we plan the contents of the Spanish programme according to your children's needs and MCERL standards .

  • Learning materials adapted to each student

    We match your children's interests and learning goals. Also, we work with authentic materials that you might find in any Spanish-speaking country.

  • Creative and dynamic activities

    In class, we develop our language skills while playing games, making a contest, cooking, drawing or working on a project. Everything in Spanish.

  • Real practice of the language

    We don´t stop speaking in Spanish from day one. We even make native friends. Grammar only helps us when we have to put it into practice.

  • Ongoing review of previous concepts

    We build the content of each class on the previous one. Thus, the student is able to remember what he or she has learned and not forget it. Spaced repetition ensures your kid learn at their own pace.

  • Progress evaluation together with families

    We work with both our students and their parents to learn how we can improve, and also implement neccesary changes in the learning programme.

  • Online, in a safe environment

    We learn at any time, from home, and with a native teacher. No driving involved! Goodbye to the schedule conflict with soccer.

Catchyespañol is for you if...

Encuentra programa de español adaptado a tus hijos

  • Your child is small. They cannot read or write very well
  • The level of other programmes is not adequate
  • The curriculum of other programmes is not interesting or practical for your child
  • The curriculum of other programmes is mostly based on grammar or is repetitive
  • Your child needs to improve certain linguistic skills (speaking, writing,….)

Find a personalised Spanish program for your kid

  • Your child has trouble remembering Spanish outside of class or even forgets it ater some time. 
  • Your child does not have any opportunities to practice their Spanish or feels insecure using it.  
  • Spanish exams are a nightmare for your child.  He/she is worried about his/her marks or easily draws a blank.  

Cómo motivar a mi hijo para aprender español

Your child  has already had contact with Spanish but he/she is not motivated to continue learning  

  • Your child´s classes in or outside of school have not met your expectations and the results have been negative
  • Your child thinks Spanish is especially difficult. Even though he/she makes an effort, your child does not naturally acquire the language

Consigue que tu hijo progrese en su aprendizaje de español

  • At your child´s high school or language school,  the rhythm of the Spanish classes is too fast your your child to digest the contents well enough.  
  • At your child´s high school or language school, the rhythm of the Spanish classes is too slow. Your child is bored of reviewing the same content over and over again. His/her level of Spanish is not getting better.

Consigue que tus hijos puedan hablar con su familia

  • Your child has grown up in a bilingual family but he/she is not able to express him/herself well enough yet. 
  • Communication with his/her grandparents, uncles or cousins is still difficult.
  • You often travel to hispanophone countries and have friends that speak Spanish.

Aprender español es importante para el futuro laboral de tus hijos

  • Your child´s education is the most important thing for you  and, for this reason, you know that they need to develop their mind by learning other languages
  • You make an effort by having your child homeschooled to have him/her follow a plurilingual curriculum.
  • You are aware that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and the third most used on the Internet.  You are also sure that speaking Spanish will multiply your child´s academic and career opportunities

Online Spanish lessons for kids. Don´t waste your time driving!

  • Unfortunately,  your work does not allow you to drive your child to and from classes.  
  • It is much better for you to have your child learn comfortably at home, where he/she feels safe and you can decide the time of the class. 
Learn Spanish with songs and games


Catchy Spanish is Spanish that is pleasant and easy to remember, like a song. 

 Learning Spanish does not have to be torture but a way to enjoy overcoming new challenges.   

Our goals

Create positive learning experiences through motivation and enthusiasm

"In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught." (Baba Dioum)

Promote the natural acquisition of Spanish by respecting the student´s rhythm and interests

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." (Albert Einstein)

Develop habits that encourage responsability and autonomous learning

“Probably the most important skill that children learn is how to learn. Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve." (Roger Lewin)

How do we achieve this?

The trick is personalisation

There are many ingredients that make Catchyespañol a sure-fire method for its students. Following it step-by-step, we are able to create positive and memorable experiences associated with the language.

Even though the core of the method stays the same, the preferences of each student  can change. Because of this, colaboration with the family is key throughout the process. Working together, we can adapt to your child´s needs. Only in this way, can he/she involve him/herself completely in his/her own learning, feeling motivated and progressively facing new challenges.


Catchyespañol is a Spanish teaching method committed to the effective learning of its students.


Something so simple yet complicated as seeing your child…